All About Finding The Best Neighborhood Vehicles

Before we get into the details on how you can and should find the best neighborhood vehicles, let’s first define what a neighborhood vehicle is. The law defines it as a small four-wheeled vehicle that has a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour, runs on electricity and has a gross weight of 3,000 pounds at most.

Neighborhood vehicles are defined by their lack of safety features like airbags, although they may have seat belts. This is the reason you can only drive these electric vehicles in neighborhoods with a maximum speed limit of 30 to 40 miles per hour. You can NOT drive them on highways.

neighborhood vehicles

Now that that’s out of the way, it’s  time to know how to choose the best neighborhood vehicles. There are just two ways to find the best of the best. One is to read editorial articles that list the top vehicles for this particular category. In most cases, the magazine editors rate the vehicles based on certain criteria that fall under the broad generalization of quality versus price. The best way to find editorial articles is to go to popular car magazines if you know of any. You could also go to websites like

Another way to find the top vehicles is by searching online for reviews on the best neighborhood cars. This is easy to do. Just go to Google and type in “neighborhood cars review”. You should be able to see a list of websites reviewing the different models of this category of vehicles.

We’ve done our research, and it would seem that the most highly-rated of neighborhood cars include the following models: Global Electric Motorcar, E-Z-Go, Romet 4E, Peapod Eco, and the Marta UV. But this list is only based on one website we looked at. If you want other brand names and models, you should do your research.

Neighborhood vehicles are not cheap, although they may be slightly lower in price than ordinary vehicles. But just like any other vehicle, you don’t need to pay them in cash. You can buy them through financing plans. We don’t know of any financing company that specializes in neighborhood vehicles, but it’s fair to say that you can find them by asking your car insurance agent, or asking dealers that are selling neighborhood cars.

When it comes to actually buying a vehicle, you obviously don’t want to base your decision on magazine reviews. You need to test drive several vehicles before deciding on which one to buy.

While you can’t take them out on the highway, there’s no doubt that neighborhood vehicles are fun to drive, especially if you live in a quiet suburban neighborhood with a huge land area. Imagine enjoying a joyride in your area while waving to the neighbors. Your kids will love you for it as they would be having a lot of fun.

The good thing about these vehicles is that they are totally eco-friendly with their use of electricity as fuel.

Are Street Legal Golf Carts Easy To Get?

If you’re wondering how you can get the best street legal golf carts available, this is the place to be. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to carts, but not all can be made to be street legal. That’s why you need to learn how to find what you need to make this happen.

Find a golf cart online or elsewhere that is already street legal. This will cost more than your typical cart, but at least you don’t have to spend time going around collecting what you need for it to work well for you. There are quite a few ways to get carts set up that you can enjoy, but if you can find one online or have one brought to you another way, that’s the best policy. Only do this if you can afford to, don’t look at things you can’t buy or else you may do it anyways and have a hard time financially.

You’ll need to be sure that you work with a golf cart that is legal in your particular area to drive on the roads. It has to, for instance, have a windshield in some areas. You need to look up the laws or at least call someone that can let you know like a local non-emergency police department line. Either way, you shouldn’t just assume whatever you’re driving is legal. That could end in you getting a ticket or even having to deal with something like going to court and getting prison time.

street legal golf cart

CC BY-NC by Road Rat Motors

The best thing about a cart is that you can customize it yourself to make it something you can drive legally. Just make sure that you are sure of how to install parts, and test drive it in an area where nobody else is. You should try driving it for a couple of miles at least, and make sure that it can make it before you do anything like going on a public road. Do whatever you can to be safe since cars are much larger than golf carts and if you break down it may be hard for them to stop before hitting you.

The best place to have an electric cart like this is if you live near a course and don’t want to deal with only taking back roads to the course. Some people have to tow their carts, but if you can get it street legal you can easily just go back and forth from a course and save on gas and time. You’ll need to do some initial research into where you’ll drive and what kind of licensing is required. Then it’s easy to know what to do to get your cart built legally.

Street legal golf carts are not difficult to work with if you wish to. There are plenty of people out there that work with this, and you have to be wary of who you hire to make sure everything is done right.

How To Find The Best Electric Shuttles

Electric shuttles are somewhat of a novelty in that you don’t use them to commute from one place to another. Rather, you use them to commute guests from one part of your property to another, especially if you have a really large area, or if you live in a place where guests need to walk up a climb.

The good thing about it is that the best electric shuttles are not terribly expensive. We searched Google for the term “best electric shuttles” and found shuttle cars for less than twenty thousand dollars. If that’s not affordable relatively speaking, then we don’t know what is.

But what should you look for in an electric shuttle? There are several things that you need to look out for. One is the capacity.  There are shuttles that can seat up to fifteen people and there are those that can seat only eleven. What you choose to buy depends on the number of guests you have on a given day. Obviously, the more guests you have, the greater your need for a high-capacity shuttle.

Another thing that you need to look out for is the warranty. You’ve got to have a warranty. Thankfully, all manufacturers of electric shuttles have a warranty; the only difference is the length and terms of the warranty. You will want to buy only items that have at least a three-year full warranty. A shuttle is something that you will be using everyday, and with use, you don’t need know when your electric shuttle car is going to need some tender loving care.

electric shuttle

Can you ever go wrong in buying electric shuttles? Well, that depends on whether or not you do your research. There are many manufacturers of electric shuttles out there, and like anything else, not all of them are created alike, and there are those that are of better quality than others. If you want to find the better brands, go online and search for reviews on the different electric shuttles. Or you could also go to the forums on electric shuttles and see which brands come in highly recommended.

More often than not, you get what you pay for. IF you want high-quality, be prepared to pay a high price, that is, be prepared to pay almost $30,000 for an electric shuttle. But if you’re not prepared to pay for that kind of price, you can always for the bestselling item.

Bestsellers become bestsellers for a reason. They typically are affordable and yet their quality is A-okay, meaning you won’t be embarrassed to drive your guests in them.

So what you can do is to go to the websites of the different manufacturers and check out what their bestsellers are. Then do an apples-to-apples comparison of these bestsellers. Trust us, you can’t go wrong buying electric shuttles that way. However, you don’t need to pay in cash, and you don’t need to pay in full. There are financing companies out there.

Tips On Finding And Buying Electric Golf Carts For Sale

No doubt, it you are a fan of cheap transport you have probably reached this article through a search of electric golf carts for sale. There are two main types of golf carts – electric and gas. While both of these golf carts are good, the electric golf carts are superior in some ways. The focus of this article is electric golf carts along with their and how to find and buy them.

Electric golf carts tend to be more popular than their gas-powered counterparts since they are more environmentally friendly since they do not involve any fuel burning or emission of fumes. As the world becomes more aware towards global warming, an increasing number of people are turning to fuel-efficient modes of transport. The following are some essential reasons why you should choose electric golf carts.

Street Legal Golf Cart -Black

1.    Saving Cash

Electric golf carts obviously use electricity and electricity is always cheaper than gas. This means that you save more in the longer term in terms of running costs.

2.    Cheaper

You can find used electric golf carts at prices significantly lower than that of a new vehicle. This means that you can never have to spend so much to have good transportation.

3.    Environmentally Friendly

Today, there is a growing awareness towards the importance of the use of eco-friendly products as well as environmental conservation. If you purchase an electric golf cart, you contribute to society in two ways.

First, your choice to buy an electric golf cart as opposed to a gas powered golf cart is an excellent one since you help to conserve the environment. Secondly, if you buy a used one you do save some money from both the individual as well as industrial perspective.

Having covered the reasons why you should choose a street legal electric golf cart over a gas powered one, you may be wondering where you can find the electric golf carts for sale.

The following are some good areas to find good deals on electric golf carts.

1.    Local Dealerships

Contacting local dealerships is perhaps your best bet when looking for an electric golf cart. You will discover that many dealerships do stock used electric golf carts. If you have a reputable dealer, you can even have the option of discussing and knowing more about the technical aspects of the cart helping you to strike a good deal.

2.    Local Golf Clubs

This is the next best option. Local golf clubs often seek to dispose their older equipment to make way for newer ones. Buying a used electric golf cart from a golf club can provide a good deal since such carts are usually maintained in tip top condition.

3.    Online Auction Websites

Buying an electric golf cart from an online auction website is also great since these provide you with a great deal of information. They also provide an excellent platform for you to choose from a wide variety of golf carts.

In conclusion, this article has been a review about electric golf carts as well as how to buy them. Before you complete the purchase of your golf cart, please do ensure that it has all safety features including turn signals, headlights, seat belts, windshield, and rear lights.