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Reviews And Information On Ezgo Golf Cart Accessories

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The EZGo golf cart is a market leader amongst the golf industry. The EZ Go golf cart company has been in the golf cart business for over 56 years now. Their first cart was manufactured in 1954 with an emphasis on ingenuity, craftsmanship and use of injection molding and the newest in available technology. Ironically enough it was World War Two and some of the technology that sprang from the building of the B-17 that spawned the power source of EZ Go’s first golf cart.

Much like Henry Ford, EZ Go met with its dealers face to face in the field and worked with them to show the advantages of their carts versus what else was available at the time. This type of relationship building resulted in a better understanding a repartee that lasts to this day. EZ Go dealers and customers know that they are buying a product that has been stood behind from the beginning.

EZ Go has since gone though a lot of changes, no company could survive nearly 60 years of business without it; however it’s the innovation that has kept EZ Go at the forefront of its competitive market allowing for growth and prosperity as well as a satisfied and loyal customer base.


The new line of EZGo golf carts has continued the tradition of excellence by adding in the best features available making for a smooth, energy efficient ride.  The RXV series personifies this forward thinking. This model comes standard with a welded steel frame and body in forest green to stand out and let everyone know you own this cart. The power plant is a 48 volt system geared towards power and efficiency with a limited slip transaxle.  The top speed is an impressive 15 mph which means you better know where your ball landed.

Freedom RXV

The next step up from the RXV is the Freedom RXV . The freedom comes standard with the same frame and in ivory as well as forest green.  The drive train and all the mechanical specs are virtually the same as the stand RXV model. The difference is in the customization potential in the Freedom. With amenities available such as a ball and club washer (OUTSTANDING!) and cooler bracket, this model has the ability to meet the serious recreational golfer’s every need.

EZGO TXT Golf Cart

The EZ go TXT series is probably one of the favorites on the course today. Yes, it’s a classic white color but all other semblance to the club cars ends there. It’s all about the options with EZGo and they threw a lot of small options into this cart making it stand out like a beauty queen at a mud diving contest.  Options on this model include, but are not limited to a permanent or casual tow bar, hi-torque motor axle, cooler and bracket and even a sand rake with holder. The rake and holder part is pretty impressive thinking for those who have to carry one in their bag; what a hassle!

For those who actually work out on the green EZ Go has you covered as well.


The MPT series offers power and affordability mixed with personalizing options. The powerful gas fueled 13 hp engine is more than enough to get you to where you need to go on the course while pulling a cart and everything you need for work that day.

Do EZGo golf carts make a difference on the course? Absolutely. An EZGo golf cart won’t improve your swing or help you with your handicap, but it will make your time on the course more enjoyable and worthwhile. While this can be said for any golf cart, EZGo has made it a point to make you want to do it in their carts.

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